Free Engraving

Why not engrave a meaningful message on your engagement ring or wedding band? Engraving on your beautiful ring allows you to make your engagement ring or wedding band unique and sentimental. We offer free engraving on most of our engagement rings and wedding bands.

The option of an engraving is free on the Jewelry Diamond Expo site, when the selected item is compatible with an engraving. After having chosen the size of your ring, you can select the engraving option and write your desired text.

An inscription allows for your ring or band to have a special message between only you and your loved one. Other potential ideas for adding a distinctive engraving can be viewed below:

  • Important dates like proposal day, engagement day, wedding day etc
  • Personal messages
  • Initials
  • First names
  • Nicknames

Still wondering what inscription to put inside your wedding band? Perhaps some examples will help to spark your imagination. Please email our customer service department for help with your engraving ideas:

Email Us at: info@jewelrydiamondexpo.com

Or call to our toll free number: +1-650-994-2222

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